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About Us



Since 2010, Lutou Technology has been a leader in the indoor & outdoor LED lighting industry. We are a manufacturer of high-performance retrofit lamps serving both commercial and residential markets. We take pride in finding innovative ways to produce energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED retrofit lamp.  Lutou Technology strives to provide high-quality products, processes, and services to give us the competitive edge that keeps our customers coming back time and again. We do this by continuously taking the time to understand our customer’s needs and then exceed their expectations by always being the first to produce the best products in our market.



Lutou Technology is passionate about leading the indoor & landscape lighting industry into a fully energy efficient LED market with only the highest quality products at the most cost effective prices. We strive to provide honest and exemplary customer service to our international network of distributors. At the forefront of all that we do is the mission of preserving our planet through sustainable goals.



Here at Lutou Technology, we value respect, faith and humility. We seek to offer the finest craftsmanship and tooling of products, the highest quality control, the best price, the best warranties, the best in-house engineering and contractor tech support and the most outstanding customer service.



Lutou tech is a professional factory who focus on the indoor lighting and landscape Lighting systems. Our main product lines are brass and aluminum Lighting fixtures. There are 2 die-casting machines, 3 polishing machines, 2 color fusers and  a lot of other small machines to support the different request from the customers. 



 The OEM is the abbreviation of the Original Equipment Manufacturer, point a factory house according to another house factory, for its production product with product accessories, also call to settle the card produce or the authorization sticks the card production.Represent then the outside process, also can represent to outsource the contract process. Lutou tech offers a series of extra value for long-term relationship customers,such as engraving your company logo on the bulbs,branding the boxes or labels and customized products based on your designs and ideas(Involved in investment).We would be very happy and pleasure to help customers who want to create own brands.